LED Strip Light

LED strip lights have grown in popularity recently as an eco-friendly customizable lighting option. Energy-efficient, versatile, and easy to install, they are the perfect solution to create a lively and delightful atmosphere in your home, office, or any commercial space. Their adjustable features allow you to customise them according to your space-specific needs.

Take advantage of the endless possibilities that LED strip lights have to offer and upgrade your lighting game with LED strip lights today. With easy installation, various color options, and programmable features, LED strip lights can transform any room and space into a stunning and unique environment.

What are LED Strip Lights?

LED strip lights are a long, narrow strip of LEDs mounted on a flexible circuit board with an adhesive backing for easy installation. They come in various colors and can be cut to fit any length, allowing them to fit snugly into any space. In addition to providing accent or task lighting, LED strip lights can be programmed to change colours, fade or even pulse to the beat of music, providing a unique and customisable lighting experience.

Types of LED Strips

Select from a wide range of LED strip light options. Whether you’re looking to install LED strip lights in your bedroom, living room, or even your kitchen, we have the perfect solution for you.

Standard LED Strips

These are the most common type of LED strip, and they typically come in a roll with adhesive backing for easy installation. They’re available in a variety of colors, including warm white, cool white, and RGB, and can be cut to fit any length.

Digital LED Strips

Digital LED strips have individual LEDs that can be individually controlled, which allows for more complex lighting effects such as animations or patterns. They require a specialized controller to program and control the lights.

COB LED Strips

COB (Chip on Board) LED strips have multiple LED chips mounted onto a single circuit board, which makes them more compact and energy-efficient than traditional LED strips. They’re ideal for use in smaller spaces or for creating a more uniform lighting effect.

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    LED strip lights can be used in many applications such as high brightness task lighting, fluorescent and halogen lighting fixture replacements, indirect lighting applications, Ultra Violet inspection during manufacturing processes, set and costume design, and even growing plants. They can also be used to showcase your favourite books, collectibles, artwork, or other tchotchkes in an interesting way. LED strip lights can be used in both residential and commercial applications like cabinetry, shelving, displays or signage. They are also great for under-cabinet lighting in the kitchen allowing you to light up your entire work surface in bright white light or set the mood in the room with a vibrant color.

    Unlike regular lights, LED strip lights are more efficient, brighter, longer-lasting, they don’t produce much heat, they are easily controlled and programmed. Furthermore, they use less energy to provide the same light and can save you money on your electric bill by switching to LED light bulbs.

    LED strip lights are energy efficient and consume less energy than conventional illumination sources like lamps and candles. They are also easy to install and can be cut to any length. LED strips are available in any tone white all the way up to any color. LED light bulbs and strips are far more long-lived than traditional lighting; their average lifespan (operating hours) is between 50k to 100+k.

    Yes, you can cut LED strip lights and still make them work. However, you need to ensure that you follow the lines that show where it is supposed to be cut. Each cut line marks the end of one circuit and the beginning of another. If you cut another spot on the strip, all of the lights on that circuit will go out