Custom-made LED Lights

Elevate your home and office space with a touch of modernity using decorative LED lights. Choose from a wide selection of styles and variations to find the perfect lighting solution to suit your preferences and style. From calming to vibrant, decorative lights can instantly change up the mood, mesmerize, and express your creativity.

Transform your empty walls and dull spaces with dynamic light patterns that pulsate to the tone of your music. With a choice of vivid color schemes, you can customize your home’s ambiance based on your preferences and desired mood.

Types of Custom-made LED Lights

Custom-made LED Strip

Custom-made LED Strip typically come in flexible strips of LED that can be bent or cut to fit corners and curves. Some of the most common decorative LED strip lights in Singapore are the water flow LED strip light and colour chasing LED strip light.

Custom-made LED Panels

Custom-made LED Panels are flat, thin lighting deatures that are typically mounted on walls and ceilings. They can range from geometric designs to artistic designs. Some LED panels uses fibre optics technology to create unique lighting displays, like starry ceilings, while still being eco-friendly.

Sequential LED Lights

Sequential LED lights is the dark horse of home decorative LED light. While commonly used in automotive applications, sequential LED lights can be exceptionally effective in bringing living and office spaces to life. The energetic display of light sequences transforms a room, lending a modern and exciting touch to any home design.

How GE LED Can Brighten Up Your Spaces with Custom-made LED Lighting

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We only source the finest LED light fixtures that have passed strict quality standards. You can expect long-lasting, high-performance, and eco-friendly lighting from us.

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