Custom House Lighting System

Dive into our Custom LED Lights collection and experience the fusion of personalization and innovation for one-of-a-kind lighting solutions. Our tailor-made LEDs deliver style and cutting-edge technology, ensuring your space truly shines. Whether it’s for your home or business, create the perfect ambience that reflects your personality.

Arrange a Consultation with Our LED Experts

Our experts are highly trained professionals with years of experience in lighting design and building industry. Contact us know and let us know your availability so we can collaborate and create the best custom-made LED lights for your needs.

    What They Say

    GELED’s consultation nailed my home’s lighting. Expert guidance led me to the ideal lights, creating the perfect ambiance.

    Amos Tan

    Thanks, GELED, for advising on lights during our consultation that transformed my space. Their blend of elegance and brightness is spot-on.

    Tilly Kang

    GELED lights are budget-friendly and lasting. They’ve turned my place into a cozy retreat with their warm glow.

    Chloe Wong

    GELED’s consultation amped up my home office. Their lighting picks boosted productivity and style. Highly recommended!

    Nadia Kapoor

    GELED nails it with lights and advice. Their suggestions synced perfectly with my decor, making my home shine.

    Quincy Peng

    How to Get Your Custom LED Light

    Your custom LED light design journey starts with a consultation with our expert LED light designers. During this consultaiton, we will discuss about your specific lighting needs and preferences. Our designers will provide a few recommendations to ensure that your LED lights are both functional and aesthetically pleasing.

    Once this initial consultation is complete, our team will work on creating a visual representation of your custom LED design. This design will allow you to see exactly what your lights will look like before they are created, ensuring that you are fully satisfied with the final product.

    After the design is approved, we will custom fabricate your LED lights using high-quality materials and components. Our skilled technicians will ensure that your lights meet our rigorous quality standards before they are installed in your home and office space.

    Our Projects

    A forerunner in the industry of custom lighting and home LED lighting design, GE LED boasts an extensive portfolio of lighting designs, from contemporary chandeliers to classic wall sconces, pool table lighting, kitchen island lighting, and more. Every design we create is unique and personalised to our clients.

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